stories of the Y-top gatherings 

Day 2, The Beginning

Suddenly you're in the second day of the camp. It feels like the first, 'cause the previous evening was for landing, hugging, getting back together, resembling and smoothing the tiredness. Breakfast is like a fast break between the beds and the Tree House, where we all gather for the first steps into the Human Rainforest. This Tree House, a marquee that we rent just for the Y-TOP, is bare, besides from us, the seeds for the future plants. Nevertheless the climate under the tent is warm, humid, dynamic, curious, just like a pluvial wood. The inner weather is white and open. The sky outside is blue and sunny, funny, for the first time after many silver grey days. Everything just spontaneously

Day 1, Arrival day

We are ready. Ready to hit this gathering off with a bang. Ready to start feeling, learning, growing, laughing and exploring together. We worked all year to get to this moment; the start of the 2016 Y-top gathering “The Human Rainforest” and it feels amazing now that we are finally here. But let's start at the beginning of the day before the mansion got filled with Y-toppians. After a day like this the beginning of it already feels like a week ago. Basically we have been running around like maniacs to get the last important details ready, like printing the signs for on the bedrooms, common rooms and bathrooms and making a board full of information like floor plans, program, map etc. But also

Preparation Day 4

A lot of work has been done. These past few days and this past year to make this human rainforest summer gathering possible and we can all be incredibly proud already. Tomorrow everything is finally going to start. We can feel some nerves here but mostly joy and excitement to get started. Tomorrow morning Elias and Open are going to leave for Dublin at 4 am to pick up the participants from the airport and send them safely on the coach to Killarney. And in the meantime the rest of us will be preparing the last things inside the hostel. As I am writing this we are finishing up the last checklist for tomorrow morning. Today we had some sunshine. This can’t be anything but a very good sign. We a

Preparation Day 3

The gathering is knocking on our door and we have been working very hard to get the last details of logistics and facilitation ready. Today we split into two groups. Four of us, Trydent, Merin, Crystal and Maie went out and visited all the locations we will be volunteering. We will be visiting every location we will be spending time at outside of the youth hostel; to be well prepared. The rest of us stayed at the mansion to check the last details and strengthen the program and see what still needs covering. Tying the last loose strings together. Also half of the 120 person capacity marquee has arrived (a big tent with wooden floor where we will be meeting often) and put together. The other h

Preparation Day 2

Today, the pieces have started to fall into place. Getting an overview of what needs to be done, an overview of who goes where, what goes when. Creating groups, creating rooms. I guess you could say it’s all starting to get pretty real! A lot of exciting developments have happened yesterday and today. For example, we have made contact with different locals. The people we are going to be volunteering with, and we connected with a guy from the local music school. It is pretty amazing what happens when you reach out. It became clear that they had planned a festival on exactly the same day as we had and we decided to collaborate and join our forces to make it a bigger success than we had dared t

Preparation Day 1

Today was the first day of preparation, and we where exploring the magic of Ireland, by walking on the dragons tail, a path going on the edge of the estate. We are immersed in to the process of preparing the place for all of the participants. The place, nature and people feels wonderful and welcoming, and we are excited about spending two weeks here. Hugs from the preparation team..

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