stories of the Y-top gatherings 

Day 11, Day of evaluation

It started slow after the last days party and festival. Some had only a few hours of sleep, but many celebrated the amazing dancing night everyone had had, and the fantastic festival that was held. When everyone had breakfast it was time for the much anticipated group photo. A yearly crowd pleaser, since here we all are involved at the same time. Often many are cooking or doing other responsibilities. But here we were together, the human rainforest. A picture for the ages. The afternoon stood for lunch and then great ceremony of t-shirt signing, which is now dubbed the Human molecule ceremony, seeing all the human atoms coming together to celebrate the value we have for each other and streng

Day 10, The Y-top festival

From the moment the y-toppians woke up today, there was an exciting buzzing going around the place. Today was a day of new events and experiments; a day of doing things that had never been done before in the Y-top history. The first Y-top Festival ever had been an event that a lot of people had been looking forward to and had been working very hard on. The event had even reached some local newspapers, magazines and (so we heard) a radio station. Clearly, this meant that a lot of preparation had to go into this. From early in the morning, everyone and every Roots-team had been assigned a task (for example cleaning, welcoming or organizing catering) and the whole hostel was turned into a const

Day 9 Beach and Burgers

Most y-toppians didn’t know what they had gotten themselves into when they stepped out of the coaches onto one of the beaches in Killarney’s region this morning. In contrast with the sunny, warm weather that had been forecast for this day, the sky was grey and it wasn’t exactly surfing temperature, so to speak. Nevertheless, thanks to some crazy, goodhearted spirits among us, we still headed out onto the sand to see the first group of the day start their surfing lessons. While the first group got into their wetsuits doubtful and shivering, some of us organised a spontaneous Open Mind Passion on ‘making clouds disappear’ by pointing a finger on a little patch of bright sky to make it grow. Wi

Day 8, Day of importances

Today was one of the most spectacular days at this years camp and possibly ever. We started the day bright and early in the morning. Breakfast was delicious as always, and afterwards we went to our daily morning treehouse gathering. From there, we split into our color groups for in whitch we would work on diffrent projects. Each color represented different aspects of certain projects. Though we worked in separate groups, we also worked as a whole. It was so surprising, and awe inspiring to watch something so small, grow into something so big, so fast. This very thing is the purpose of the Ytop. We want something small, like the individual projects(A task we where given before the camp starte

Day 7, The volunteering day

Today was fun and had a relaxed kind of rhythm over it. We had four different volunteering projects: picking rhododendrons in the national nature reserve of Killarney, making art and planting flowers at the youth centre of Killarney, work at the music school of Killarney and finishing up the solar trail that was built on day 4 The solar trail posts were made stronger by putting cement in the holes. And every planet was decorated according to its characteristics. A river by Neptune, 27 moons around Uranus and rings were build around saturn. Also the areas around the planet spots were cleaned so every visitor that comes after us can enjoy it fully. At the youth centre a beautiful mural was pai

Day 6, A day of mystery

Ireland. A land of mystery, a land of magic, beautiful, rugged, full of power. Our tasking for the day: how can we discover the hidden secrets of this leprochaun-abounding land? Our search for the Mystery of Ireland begins. This day we divided up into two groups, one going on a beautiful hike though the gap of Dunloe, and the other one spending a long morning in the wonderful city center of Killarney. The story of the first group: Starting the day at Ross Castle, we donned our life-jackets and set out onto the lake. Experiencing Ireland from the middle of a lake was both peaceful and mystical, as well as full of laughter and music, playing games to stave off the cold, marvelling at the fish-

Day 5, Adventure day

Was amazing even though the weather was everything but ideal for the activities we were doing it could not get down our good spirits. We did high ropes, paintball and bushcraft. It was so much fun. And somehow the persistent rain only made it better. It made it more memorable in a way. The high ropes was quite a challenge with the rain and a lot of people with fear of heights faced and conquered their fears on the course. The instructors were very encouraging and helpful. Paintball was extremely muddy and dirty but that made it bubble the fun. Spectacular sliding action was going on all day. The funny thing is when you get past the point of fearing for your shoes and clothing getting wet and

Day 4, Solar trail

In the Ytop a lot of attention is focused on our direct environment. Where we live, where we grow and where we feel. Today we extended our vision and focused ourselves on everything outside of our known planet; today was the day of the Solar Trail. For the first time in Ireland a solar trail would be built, here on the property of our temporary home. With the help of all the Y-Toppians we put out an entire route where the different planets of our solar system would be placed on a realistic scale, to be explored on a windy road through the Irish rainforest. In the morning when everyone had gathered in the Tree House the members of the Family of the Day came forward, all holding a board with d

Day 3, A walk in the mountains

Having a lot of sleep is not a given in the lively, full programs of the Y-top Gatherings. Today, no later than 06.30 am the y-toppians had to rise and shine and be ready for breakfast, to leave for the Killarney National Park at 7.30 am. At least, that was the time that was aimed for; reality had a different plan. So, around 08.15 am we headed out to start a walk through the beautiful Irish landscape. It took us around nine hours to complete the track of 20 kilometers during which we conquered the steep hills of Killarney and engulfed ourselves in the amazing scenery and all the impressions, feelings and thoughts that came with it. Occasionally there would be a stop to have a snack and rest

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