stories of the Y-top gatherings 

Planting the First Seeds [Day 1 and 2]

It is a year later, and once again youth from all over the world reunite with the aim of creating, altogether, an amazing new Y-TOP Gathering. After the pristine waters and rocky mountains of Serre da Estrela, Portugal, we sought new surroundings to allow us to foster and flourish through new focus points; aims and guidelines we have come to call Seeds... Seeds for the Future. Around 60 youth from 12 countries therefore arrived at Metsäkartano: a place beyond remoteness in Finland. The colour blue that so greatly defines this area and country, the country of 10,000 lakes, of icy-cold winters and blue-skied summers, of endless forests and a people of trust, has led us to call this Y-Top 2018

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