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#surf #beach (day 11)

By now, all of the participants will have arrived safely home. The last days of the Y-TOP Gathering 2017 were busy; full of movement and surprises (both positive and less positive ones). With this final summary of how the last days were, we would like to give the participants a last remembrance of our goodbyes, and to give those who weren’t with us a last impression of this Gathering. It sure was quite a journey.

As many probably know by now, the last days of this Y-TOP were marked by an unfortunate hit of (likely) a combination of food poisoning and stomach virus, leaving many of us quite ill. This was an unexpected turn, which changed both the plans and atmosphere for the last day(s) quite drastically. Day 11, which was mostly spent at the beach, was therefore mostly focused on caring for the sick and analysing how to deal with the situation. However, the team, and those who did still feel healthy, learned a lot from this experience. Perhaps the most of this whole camp, because one will often find that crucial skills are learned within crucial circumstances. With the great help of our Medical Team (big shout-out to Emily and Maei!), many people came back on track in time for the journey FORWARD home. Although this was not the ending we had wished for or anticipated upon in advance (the full moon might have had something to do with it too, by the way), we look back at an experience wherein every Y-Toppian was involved and brought together even closer. We all learned about wellbeing, and practical things regarding hygiene and safety too, which also inspired us towards a potential theme for next year’s Y-TOP Gathering (for suggestions, please contact us J).

The evening of day 11 was filled with early (and emotional) goodbyes, the famous Y-TOP T-shirt Ceremony, and quite an improvised Goodbye Ceremony: The Closing Crucible. This took place while we all sat around a fire place outside, only (comically) the campfire was replaced by a torch, considering Portugal’s fire hazards… Still, this allowed for a short, but powerful and magical ceremony under the full moon.


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