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Principles & Aims

White principle

OPENESS - Constantly updating in response to the future

 - Be open to learn from all genders, ages, nationalities, beliefs, ways of living, feeling, doing, thinking and knowing. 


White aims 

Creating an open plasma state in oneself to allow meaningful things to join with the human, so it can be in assistance of humanity in our creational development.

To seek for new challenges, intelligences and standards to create a new "higher common denominator" for all humanity.

Green principle 

 FREEDOM - Bravely be versatile (and try new things)

- Be free but do not step on others and that include yourself (freedom ends when freedom takes away freedom).


Green aims 

To try new things that will allow the natural flow of human development to pass through you and into the world.

Practicing freedom in a multiplicity of new ways and in new fields for the better of humanity.

Freedom to whistle with others in many new ways, celebrating the happiness of our souls.

Yellow principle  

INNER STRENGTH – to support the growth of inner strength and inner motif in ourselves and in others by being yourself.


Yellow Aims

Associations of individuals working along parallel lines in the same directions and visions. 

Be strong, have faith and trust in yourself and others to carry the humanity together in you and between you and others.

Many ways of living but one human kind living together.


Blue principle

NO JUDGEMENT (both towards others and towards yourself)

– to make a safe ecology with no judgment but positive critics so that things will be relevant. Keep it simple and be sensitive.


Blue Aims

Creating an ecology of safety inside and around oneself of what one will not defile oneself and others with, so that humanity can proceed safely into the future.

To grow in correspondence to the planets principles and ways.


Red principle

WILLINGNESS – all companions are participating and sharing responsibilities. Be generous and grateful.


Red Aims 

Being active in response to help others. A little help to one human being is a little help to humanity.

To learn how to work hard by practicing the many skills of life, doing it from what you love and feel passionate about, opening our many frequencies in the pursue of the dynamic living process of life. 

We can all grow the natural genius within us and develop with it.



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