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Preparation Day 2

Today, the pieces have started to fall into place. Getting an overview of what needs to be done, an overview of who goes where, what goes when. Creating groups, creating rooms. I guess you could say it’s all starting to get pretty real!

A lot of exciting developments have happened yesterday and today. For example, we have made contact with different locals. The people we are going to be volunteering with, and we connected with a guy from the local music school. It is pretty amazing what happens when you reach out. It became clear that they had planned a festival on exactly the same day as we had and we decided to collaborate and join our forces to make it a bigger success than we had dared to hope before. Also we have had a meeting with John, ‘The man of the mansion’ as I like to call him. With his solid structure, bushy beard and smiling eyes he is what I would call the typical Irish man. He has been so supportive and helpful. When we had the meeting with him and asked how big the marquee was all he would say with his charming Irish accent was; big enough for 120 people. Trydent just can't stop laughing about that remark.

The mansion we are staying at is, like it’s man, rustic and with a youthful charm. I haven't been on an exploration of the entire building but everytime I enter a room I haven't been in before I’m in awe, the high ceilings and cozy interior make you feel instantly at home. My personal favourite item in the mansion so far is the stairs, you will see it when you get here, the detailed carvings in the wood just makes me gasp of delight when seeing it’s beauty.

This year we have the biggest outside area we have ever had in any other Y-top gathering. 70 acres of land for us to go and explore, full of lush green bush and ancient trees that Ireland is famous for. When you walk around the grounds you somehow get where the stories of fairies and leprechauns come from. I suddenly got this crazy urge to go climbing trees with Elias today and all I could say was “the leprechauns made me do it!“ -Kira

**Just to let you know we are actually working besides playing the flute, and having fun :-P

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