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Day 3, A walk in the mountains

Having a lot of sleep is not a given in the lively, full programs of the Y-top Gatherings. Today, no later than 06.30 am the y-toppians had to rise and shine and be ready for breakfast, to leave for the Killarney National Park at 7.30 am. At least, that was the time that was aimed for; reality had a different plan. So, around 08.15 am we headed out to start a walk through the beautiful Irish landscape.

It took us around nine hours to complete the track of 20 kilometers during which we conquered the steep hills of Killarney and engulfed ourselves in the amazing scenery and all the impressions, feelings and thoughts that came with it. Occasionally there would be a stop to have a snack and rest, to play the legendary Ytop game of “Waah” or even take a dip into one of the natural pools (some people being happy with soaking just their feet in the water, other brave ones running in completely without a second thought).

It was no surprise that everybody returned very tired and craving for food and a shower, yet extremely proud of themselves and happy; many people experienced inspiring and breathtaking moments during the walk and 20 kilometers isn`t nothing, after all. We were also very lucky to find that we didn`t have any rain during the entire walk with occasionally a warming ray of sunshine or a refreshing breeze.

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