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Day 4, Solar trail

In the Ytop a lot of attention is focused on our direct environment. Where we live, where we grow and where we feel. Today we extended our vision and focused ourselves on everything outside of our known planet; today was the day of the Solar Trail.

For the first time in Ireland a solar trail would be built, here on the property of our temporary home. With the help of all the Y-Toppians we put out an entire route where the different planets of our solar system would be placed on a realistic scale, to be explored on a windy road through the Irish rainforest.

In the morning when everyone had gathered in the Tree House the members of the Family of the Day came forward, all holding a board with different qualities, feelings or things to aspire to. All of a sudden the Tree House turned into some kind of market hall; the different family members calling out and promoting their qualities, while the participants wandered around like shoppers, trying to see which appealed to them most. When everyone had chosen a member it became clear every board of qualities/feelings was linked to a planet (or star) in our solar system from the sun to Neptune.

First a creative group activity got everyone in the mood of their chosen planet. Our beloved musicians (and everyone who felt like one today) stood in the middle of the field and played music that constantly changed accordingly to the personality that the different planets brought along. On their turn, the representatives of all the planets moved in a big circle around the musicians (it looked like a planet with a ring around it, what a coincidence) and changed their speed and - in some cases - dance moves accordingly to the music. A physical yet special way to start the theme to roll into action.

Then everyone divided into their planet groups where they all found their special way to focus on some aspects of their planet.

‘’I wasn’t participating, but it was so special to see all the different groups outside work in a completely different way. Where in one corner the sun group worked on the sun’s qualities and finally wrote a song in a calm and steady way, elsewhere the Mars group was energetically marching down the road, while practicing their Maori haka yells.’’ - Aslan

A small group spent their entire day digging holes and setting up the poles and signs for the actual walk, which made it possible that at the end of all the processes the different groups could enjoy the Solar Trail that the whole Y-top helped put together. It was an amazing feeling to walk between the trees and see the result of something that we all put together. Something that we will leave behind for Ireland, making our mark in a positive way.

After a very special and delicious dinner organised by the Danish (accompanied by live Danish folk music and candle light) everyone reunited back in the Tree House to reveal the presentations they had worked so hard on. It was an inspiring night where all the presentations reflected the character of the planets. The atmosphere switched rapidly between presentations from extremely funny or surprising to unifying or amazing.

We all ended the long day having a greater understanding of where we are and where we come from and feeling as if our home has expanded a bit further into the amazing universe.

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