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Day 5, Adventure day

Was amazing even though the weather was everything but ideal for the activities we were doing it could not get down our good spirits.

We did high ropes, paintball and bushcraft. It was so much fun. And somehow the persistent rain only made it better. It made it more memorable in a way.

The high ropes was quite a challenge with the rain and a lot of people with fear of heights faced and conquered their fears on the course. The instructors were very encouraging and helpful.

Paintball was extremely muddy and dirty but that made it bubble the fun. Spectacular sliding action was going on all day. The funny thing is when you get past the point of fearing for your shoes and clothing getting wet and dirty it gives a whole new dimension to your life. Accidentally slipping and falling flat out in the mud can become a lot of fun and the bruises proof of a good story to tell.

Bushcraft seemed like the least spectacular of the three, but the stories about what to and what not to eat in the nature and practising spear throwing made it totally worth going out in the rain. We’ve even built a shelter for two people in half an hour out of nothing, and some of the groups got to see a proper fire from almost thoroughly wet wood. Skills to remember for when getting lost in the wild!

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