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Day 7, The volunteering day

Today was fun and had a relaxed kind of rhythm over it.

We had four different volunteering projects: picking rhododendrons in the national nature reserve of Killarney, making art and planting flowers at the youth centre of Killarney, work at the music school of Killarney and finishing up the solar trail that was built on day 4

The solar trail posts were made stronger by putting cement in the holes. And every planet was decorated according to its characteristics.

A river by Neptune, 27 moons around Uranus and rings were build around saturn. Also the areas around the planet spots were cleaned so every visitor that comes after us can enjoy it fully.

At the youth centre a beautiful mural was painted and they connected with the local young people of the centre. Also a lot of table tennis was played and goofy tricks with big pillows were performed and for lunch they had hamburgers and chips which made everyone very very happy.

The rangers and foresters were really thankful we came with a big group of people to help maintain the rhododendron infestation. We met some other volunteers and had a very nice time together. Many hands made light work so in very little time we had covered a surprisingly big patch of forest floor.

It was really nice to be in nature together and give back to the area that we enjoyed so much these past couple of days during all the hikes and trips.

At the music school the team encountered something else than they were expecting. They were expecting to be making art there but the people from the music school were expecting cleaners. This was disappointing at first but the team was strong and made it into a fun day after all. And it made for a funny story afterwards.

Besides the hard work everyone did today we had a lot of free time to reflect, play games, make music, sleep, make art, meditate, talk, write, laugh, evaluate and many other things. This was very needed for everyone to kind of come to our senses. We have been in a very busy schedule like a fast train. And to really reflect properly we sometimes need some slowing down.

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