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Day 8, Day of importances

Today was one of the most spectacular days at this years camp and possibly ever. We started the day bright and early in the morning. Breakfast was delicious as always, and afterwards we went to our daily morning treehouse gathering. From there, we split into our color groups for in whitch we would work on diffrent projects.

Each color represented different aspects of certain projects. Though we worked in separate groups, we also worked as a whole. It was so surprising, and awe inspiring to watch something so small, grow into something so big, so fast.

This very thing is the purpose of the Ytop. We want something small, like the individual projects(A task we where given before the camp started), to grow into something big, something to change the world for the better. In a very short amount of time, with out realizing it, we took a huge step in that direction. By the end of the day, our projects had grown into amazing things.

Some of us created a national connection holiday. This is where you set aside a day to connect with your self and your surroundings (this holiday takes place on September 24th). While others worked on an app idea or a Ytop telephone line. Overall, this was a wonderful day filled with inspiration and passion. These are things we want to spread throughout the world, for the better of us all, and these are the kind of things that stick even after the camp ends, until we meet again - Tamar

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