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Day 9 Beach and Burgers

Most y-toppians didn’t know what they had gotten themselves into when they stepped out of the coaches onto one of the beaches in Killarney’s region this morning. In contrast with the sunny, warm weather that had been forecast for this day, the sky was grey and it wasn’t exactly surfing temperature, so to speak. Nevertheless, thanks to some crazy, goodhearted spirits among us, we still headed out onto the sand to see the first group of the day start their surfing lessons.

While the first group got into their wetsuits doubtful and shivering, some of us organised a spontaneous Open Mind Passion on ‘making clouds disappear’ by pointing a finger on a little patch of bright sky to make it grow. Within 15 minutes the magic of Y-top had once again revealed itself, because in no time the beach was bathing in sunlight and the people about to go into the ocean looked a little less depressed than before.

From that moment on the day was a great success. Almost everyone had their first go at surfing and really enjoyed it. The positivity even spread to some of us who really didn’t want to surf at first, but eventually got inspired by the determination of the others and went anyway. While some were in the ocean, others enjoyed playing games on the sand or taking a little nap (because by now everyone could use a little more sleep).

In the evening when everyone had returned happy and (just as after the hike) a little sunburnt, there was a new peak in the cooking quality. Connor, Gaia and May (together forming the cooking group ‘Higher Fire’) worked together to make a meal everyone was craving for, especially after a day of surfing: burgers and fries. It was very good and gave everyone the boost they needed after the tiring day. Afterwards there was a nice evening of Open Mind Passions, socialising and preparing for a big event the day after… But that’s another story.

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