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Day 11, Day of evaluation

It started slow after the last days party and festival. Some had only a few hours of sleep, but many celebrated the amazing dancing night everyone had had, and the fantastic festival that was held.

When everyone had breakfast it was time for the much anticipated group photo. A yearly crowd pleaser, since here we all are involved at the same time. Often many are cooking or doing other responsibilities. But here we were together, the human rainforest. A picture for the ages.

The afternoon stood for lunch and then great ceremony of t-shirt signing, which is now dubbed the Human molecule ceremony, seeing all the human atoms coming together to celebrate the value we have for each other and strengthen the qualities we see. Pure joy and great feelings swept the Tree house, as we call the outside meeting tent.

Then it called for cleaning, and with Y-top spirit, leaving the place better then we found it. The tension, emotional pressure showing itself, as people starting to realize that departure coming. The late evening gave us time to say goodbye in the tree house, and have a small process of saying a few sentiments and giving each other an opportunity to say sorry, or give thanks. The Y-top is different that so many places in the world. And we know very little of what it is about.

Lots of warmth and care from Ireland

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