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Arriving on the top of the mountain (preparation day 1)

A different group of people, a different climate, a different country, but the same reason for getting together: the preparation towards the Y-top Gathering 2017. This time on Serra da Estrela in Portugal; it already feels like the mountain was awaiting our arrival and the environment seems to naturally give us space to breathe, create and welcome the right energies.

In the shade of the trees we firstly let our minds wander: we speak about curiosity, the effect of the altitude of the place, and projections towards the next days. "We've made it here. Now we've got to make it here."

We let ourselves arrive first, to be able to prepare the soon arrival of all the participants. We cleanse our minds in the refreshing waters of the mountain, let the winds sweep away old thoughts to make space for new ones, and finish the day with conversations; both spread out and direct.

Impressions: Geffen

Our family is here, to be together, to eat dinner together after a long time.


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