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Making the place ours (Preparation day 2)

The second day of preparation is still about landing and arriving; even more than the day before. Slowly, through living and re-arranging within the hostel, we settle and make the place our own. This also leaves us more calm and concentrated as a group.

Also, the surrounding nature deserves a make-over: no plastic garbage is to disturb the calm streams and green mosses close to our hostel.

During the preparation days, of course many practical issues require time and attention. But, to prepare the right mind and set of skills to work on those practicalities, the youth assistants are also in need of in-depth sessions on Y-top's core principles and starting points. We refamiliarise ourselves with ways, means and principles we saw before, during the training gatherings.

At night, stars shine in every way on the mountain. Local children who also stay in the hostel sparkle of joy when they get to know us; music, games and animal miming instantly appear. Where Human Communication is complicated because of language barriers, you have to think outside the box. Body language, laughter and sounds are few of many solutions when it comes to communication, as we hope to discover during the Y-top Gathering. Outside, we try to seek stars far and wide in the Universe, whilst our own star Edo gets a star-quality haircut in the dark.

Impressions: Maei

We are becoming acclimatised. We are starting to make the place our own.


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