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The arrival (Day 1)

 The preparation has finished! The future is coming together with the Y-TOP. Today the air was clear and pure, and so were our minds. With no effort, great spontaneity and togetherness the hostel Pousada De Juventude transformed from cocoon to butterfly. We hung up welcoming signs, agreements for the place, clues on how to team-up, inspiring quotes from great figures, and finally we raised the Natural Human Communication flag up against the sky! We met with Eduardo Caveca, director of orchestra Banda da Covilhã which kindly and readly provided us with lots of amazing musical instruments! Guitars, percussions, keybords, djambe, cello.. and many more magics.

To gave a boost to the beginning we visited the lake one last time as a preparation team. We made coffee on the shore and we read out loud all the names of the upcoming participants, trying to imagine a good cover of safety and protection upon their trip.

Just in time for the dinner the first bus arrived and the heart of the Y-TOP started to beat. The atmosphere was just dream-like and fantastic. Then 7 hours later at 3 in the night the second bus arrived. Awesome meetings and greetings, some even after a whole year from the Human Rainforest summer camp in Ireland, 2016.

Nighty dinner for the second Y-TOP wave, a glimpse of breakfast and then straight to bed, ready for the coolest summer camp ever: Young Template Of Peace Portugal 2017, Natural Human Communication! 


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