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Language, Meditation and Mediation (Day 5)

Day 5 - Our friends Regal & Essence kindly responded to our invitation; flying in from England to facilitate a days YTOP session on Language, Meditation and Mediation sprinkled with movement and a dose of astrology for good measure.

Starting with an impromptu musical orchestra, a tuning in with the band on hand; summoned an atmosphere to begin proceedings with a series of curio's:

The language of tone, the language of body, the language of walks and much more besides... "Where is the Love" started an unfettered dance routine at 1500metres altitude.

Next up; "Anything could Happen" and it did as we again expressed our hands, feet and torsoes with freedom's rarely felt amongst so many "water only" filled bodies...

"Walking Away" from our problems we left our troubles in the hostels car park as spirits were lifted and minds elevated to the dust of stars - stretching our fields of vision beyond horizons newly created.

Understanding our astrology led us into mediation through conflict and reading the runes of what causes it. A cause of which has left it's resonance etched within our memories and now within our blog. Until soon...


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