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Humanication Day (day 6)

The previous days were spent focusing inward, on communication with and within oneself. Acknowledging that there will perhaps never be a point where we know ourselves through and through, we have formed a good base. Now, it is time to turn our vision outwards: towards communication with each other. In many ways, the day’s program intended on exploring and improving connections between the Y-Toppians.

The day started with a simple gesture of kindness: everyone was encouraged to make breakfast for one another, in stead of for oneself. Giving and receiving, and those two being balanced, is a big part of human community. The rest of the morning was filled with another Song of the Day, followed by a very special Skype call…

All the way from Afghanistan, Durak Shana called in, and we were all ready for her. Just having received a scholarship to study in the United States, she will start studying Communication there; a very rare chance for a woman in Afghanistan. Passionate, energetic and incredibly honest, she showed us how much more interesting it is to think or ask about the beauty and positive aspects of a country, instead of the negative (and more generally known) ones. Many of us were amazed, moved, or inspired by her story about positive thinking, perseverance, and doing anything within your power to follow your dreams.

After lunch, we continued connecting with one another by playing with simple, yet innovative ways of communicating with the tools we had at that moment; from sign language to bottle messages on zip lines. Afterwards, a magical Y-TOP Jam and Creation Session was on the program. This meant that anyone with inspiration of creating something (whether art, music, dance or poetry) could come together and simply CREATE. Beautiful drawings were made along with musical improvisation, while the dancers danced instinctively. Simple melodies and poems turned into great pieces of art, involving many, and the music didn’t stop for several hours; constantly evolving into something new.

The day was closed with a special event, not yet seen before in the Y-TOP. Where normally all ages, origins and genders are mixed and completely equal, this night the boys and girls were divided, to show their appreciation for one another in an extravagant dinner. While the girls folded paper flowers and lighted candles in order to create the most elegant dining hall Y-TOP had ever seen, the boys put in all their efforts to create a magical meal for the girls. Every dish was a delicate piece of art; another way of communicating mutual appreciation.

Although the annual Y-TOP Party was still days away, the dinner and the happy feeling it created within many of us resulted in a party that lasted until even after the kitchen was cleaned (which often takes long). Under the stars on the Mountain of Stars, we danced, and it was all that was needed to close the Day of Humanication.

Impressions: Nic

To me, this day was a day of wonderful change. I loved the previous days, but I think today was the first time I really re-felt the true Y-TOP feeling. The Jam and Creation session kind of brought everything and everyone together. Also, the Y-TOP Parties are always amazing. Tonight, it was the perfect timing and really all we needed.


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