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Up in the mountains (Day 7)

Today was the day of going to the lake, where the promises of pristine mountains in the distance and crystal clear waters became reality. The previous days' contents had been heavy and intense and nothing was more welcome than to simply go to the lake, no deep thinking or far-sought quests; to swim, play games, and relax.

We built our own little Y-TOP Haven on the bank of the lake with plenty of shade, food, and several interesting Open Mind Passions. Still, the Portuguese sun was too strong for many of us: many learned not to underestimate the sun's power, when seeing the particularly pink tone of their skin afterwards. Although it was a tough lesson for some of us, the greatly appreciated Y-TOP nurses (forming our amazing Medical Team) were well prepared, and cared for everyone amazingly. At the end of the day, many red-faced, yet happy Y-Toppians welcomed the food prepared by the Turkish, and were truly 'delighted' by the Turkish delight afterwards. That's all for the bad jokes on today's blog.


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