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Going forward home! (day 12)

By now, all of the participants will have arrived safely home. The last days of the Y-TOP Gathering 2017 were busy; full of movement and surprises (both positive and less positive ones). With this final summary of how the last days were, we would like to give the participants a last remembrance of our goodbyes, and to give those who weren’t with us a last impression of this Gathering. It sure was quite a journey.

The next day the group of Y-Toppians slowly thinned throughout the day. Promises to go and meet each other were made, tears were shared, and smiles were exchanged when speaking about all the memories we made together. We want to thank everyone who was there, but also those who supported, helped, thought about Y-TOP, and lived the Y-TOP experiences with us through this blog. Wherever you are. Goodbyes might be difficult, but many who have been to the Y-TOP more than one time will know that the Y-TOP connections are so strong that hardly ever a year goes by without people visiting each other, or seeing one another in some way. Only the physical things separate us, but we are all connected through mind and spirit through what we experienced together!

Thank you, be safe, and hopefully until soon!


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