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Arriving in an Ecology of Kindness [Day 3]

A second day of exploring the Seeds: each family their own. During breakfast, delegates of the families were sent out on a mission (even accompanied by spy music à la Pink Panther) to transfer the Toolboxes to the families who would be using them today.

Many of us started the day by stretching altogether or discovering the countless echoes that travel across the bank of the lake. Some of us took on the challenge of swimming the 750 metres across the lake as part of their day. Many played games, like the famous Grandma’s Shoe, WAH!, and loads of games in the lake. The blue water element was clearly present throughout all the processes.

The day was collectively finalised by the return of our Open Mind Passions, like an intense volleyball session in the sport court. On the other side of the terrain, many of us experienced a true Finnish sauna for the first time. Sitting in 80 degrees Celsius and afterwards running into the cool lake at midnight – I say midnight, but it wasn’t dark, and never truly is here – was something completely new for many.

Correspondent of the day: Isaac (United Kingdom)

What was my most memorably moment of today? Walking into the water. Because it was cold. And nice. On my feet.

What did I do today? Today we (i.e. Red Canoe Family) explored the Creativity Project Life Seed. We made up some games and talked about some… really random things. Like, the world problem of plastic in the oceans. To find solutions and be creative.

We tried to come up with the craziest solutions, if we would have infinite time, infinite money and infinite resources. That way we went from completely crazy ideas down to something that we could actually do. We peeled the onion!

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