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Can You Knot or Can You Not? [Day 4]

Again, a successful day of exploring the Seeds. Below the general blog, you can read personal short stories from some of the Families!

Speaking of the Families, this very experimental new structure of the Y-Top Gathering has been received more fruitful than we, as the Trying Team, could have ever imagined. Routine things like making dinner have been simplified by all the Families cooking an own dish (pre-determined by the Family who explores the Well-Being Seed that day), bringing all the separate dishes to the dining hall to be shared between everyone, and washing the dishes and pans in all the different kitchens afterwards. No more cooking and cleaning for 110 people with 11 people in a crowded kitchen - at least for now, until we go camping the day after tomorrow. Edoardo (Y-Topper from home): "Wow... It sounds like you're in five different kitchens in five different towns far away from each other and you're all meeting tonight to eat what you're rainbow-cooking!"

Also the concept of discovering the Seeds with the same Family every day has proven its beauties: building on the Seeds a Family has completed before, you accumulate memories, stories and skills together that support and complement each other and keep returning in the processes of future Seeds.

In the evening, many of the participants felt inspired to do Open Mind Passions. Public Speaking (by Athena), Physical and Mental Wellbeing (connected and experienced through a running session) (by Tamar) and Braiding/Hairstyles (by Temor) are few of all the wonderful sessions we saw. Also memorable was the Learning How to Knot Open Mind Passion by Avinoam, who is a new member of the Y-Top family this year. Not only did it lead to some of us now knowing how to knot well, especially applicable in the nature environment around us, but many also pondered upon the question: "To knot or not to knot?" (no pun intended).

Blue Spiral Family:

After a slow blindfolded walk in the forest, embracing its rhythm and spirit, mud mask in the lake, fruit and coffee in our house and various games in nature, we had a hard time to come back to a higher speed. We had an honest conversation about how do we feel, what is good and what is missing. We appreciate the fact that 12 people of age 14 to 47 chose to gather close to midnight to continue this conversation and we're feeling ready for tomorrow, prepared to tackle the next theme in a more efficient way.

Correspondent of the day: Crystal (Turkey)

Me and my family (i.e. Red Canoe) worked on the Quality Citizenship Seed. We started by speaking about what citizenship means and what it means to have a good life. We did the exercise about passports: we were working in groups of three, trying to project how passports would look in the future. One said that we can possibly be governed by one global government in the future. Everyone having only one nation, with a disappearance of (g)local passports. Another idea was to replace the nationality on passports by qualities. The way we shared it was very fun.

My most memorable moment of the day? The balance loggs out on the lake; being with the family in the water and trying to find balance on the wooden logs.


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