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And The Rain Came Down [Day 5]

The last day before moving to the second half of the camp has arrived, and everyone prepares for the Big Migration to our camping site, approximately 100 metres along the lake.

Story Time: A Spontaneous Exchange between White and Blue

For several mornings, the White Eye family made a sneaky project out of the Toolbox exchange: accompanied by James Bond music, the entire family would barge into the home of the Blue Spiral family and unnoticed (not really...) obtain their Toolbox. On the last day of the Seeds, the Blue Spiral Family thought it was time to turn things around. At breakfast, the Blue Spiral Family entered the home of the White Eyes in a formation of shamans; carrying a magical banana and the holy body and spirit of one of their members (Leo from Italy). Leo awoke from his meditation and proclaimed that it was the magical banana that contained "the answer"! It carried the instruction that would be the first of the treasure hunt set out for the White Eye Family to retrieve their last box: following certain instructions to create dances, songs and other things, they traveled from family to family to find all the steps in their quest. Finally, they returned to the Blue Spiral Family, and they had earned their Toolbox.

It was an early-morning game that yielded the results of creativity, spontaneity and thinking out-of-the-box that were learned from the Seeds throughout the previous days.

After breakfast and the first half of the Seeds exploration for all the Families, everyone gathered on the beach for some group activities. It was the first time since the onset of the camp, except for the dinners, that everyone was gathered to truly see and experience all 60 people united and create a true sense of togetherness. Singing and playing games (to do with flying carpets and caterpillars, as can be seen in the pictures) with the entire gathering is something that cannot be missed, and which could easily be forgotten now that we spent most of the time in the Families.

After that night's dinner (the last one in the Family-formation), the Dutch provided everyone with their annual awesome apple pie (if I may say so myself), which the Dutch could not resist making despite the fact that the country dinners are not really part of this year's camp. That evening, most of us spent clearing up their houses with the Families, preparing the food and packing for the move the next day, and also a dance party took place in the lake (the footage of which will be released shortly!).

That night, we were blessed with a spectacular thunderstorm, which drenched the forests and lakes in rain, finally. The next morning we woke up to fresh air and a blue, hydrated forest. Almost as if we had been given a new, fresh forest to start our new camping adventure in the Finnish woods.

Correspondent of the day: Jessica (Canada)

Which group am I in and what did I do today? I am in the Blue Spiral Family and today we worked on the Creativity Project Life Seed in the morning. At 14:30 we met up with the entire camp to play games and sing songs. The games were really good: the game where we had to stand on a carpet that kept being folded was especially good, because everyone had to come close and be creative in making us fit on it all together [see picture]. It was really great for me to see the entire camp together like that for the first time, especially because we had first been getting to know just a part of the gathering in the Families, and since it's my first year I don't really have that many relationships with people outside of my Family yet. But because I had gotten close with those in my Family they could easily introduce me to their friends. I am really trying to speak to every single person here.

A memorable moment whilst working on the Creativity Seed was the exercise of a real-life situation, where everyone of us would be given a different emotion, and we had to improvise and say or act how we would react in that situation with that emotion. It was about improvising and using our imagination.

How do I look forward to the second part of the camp, being in tents and everyone together? I'm really excited. I think it's really good that we will be all together, and to be in one campsite together I think will be very fun.


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