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Activities Day [Day 7]

The day of activities was full of the elements of movement and trying new things. An occasional downfall of rain didn't stop anyone from enjoying the various activities that were organised both by ourselves and by the staff of Metsäkartano.

In the morning, our groups rotated between archery and wall climbing, whilst a small group went for a bike ride, led by our own Dutch, over gravel roads through the Finnish forests. Whilst archery and wall climbing were ways for people to set and achieve personal challenges, the biking was a way to let off steam and escape the campsite for a bit and be able to listen to complete silence and the sound of nature: a magical aspect of our Finnish surroundings. Ilan managed to reach a point on the climbing wall that so far only 26 people have reached, and was allowed to write down his name. In case our volunteering work of the following day somehow does not leave it's Y-Top mark here in Metsäkartano, which it usually does, at least we are represented on the wall of fame! Throughout the day, participants organised activities and games themselves, such as Balder with self defence, and Eda and Dilai with basketball.

The evening was once again free for anyone to do Open Mind Passions, examples of which were: braiding, bracelet making, and speaking about philosophy.

Fun fact: in this second half of the camp, every day is organised and structured by a Tribe of the Day, which is a new term for the more familiar concept of Family of the Day, which we have been using for the previous few camps. It means that this Tribe or group of people (consisting of Trying Team members but especially also the participants!) comes together before the day itself and creates its content, which is a beautiful process in itself. It is the opportunity for the participants to guide the structure of a day of choice the way they like it and to, in their own pace, take up responsibility in a part of the gathering. A very beautiful way of the gathering being organised bottom-up, by everyone equally, instead of top-down - in my opinion. Up until now they have proven not only successful, but great fun, too!

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