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Humanication Day [Day 10]

The Humanication Day was centred around human appreciation: appreciation for different genders, cultures, nationalities and backgrounds. Through mostly expressive theatre, the creation of an international sign language and the world-famous Y-Top Party as a cherry on top of the cake, we explored different aspects of humanication and unconditional respect for one another.

Correspondent of the day: William (Sweden)

During this day, we went over questions about politeness and respect, and we approached in a very active way. My family, for instance, (the Green Leaf family) made a piece of theatre about considering other people, particularly in the situation of leaving a new roll of toilet paper for the next person. It was very funny. After that, we moved on to paying attention and appreciating other people doing stuff for us; this, we expressed by re-enacting the announcements that always take place in the Y-Top and during those thanking the cooking team, for instance for lunch or breakfast. We showed what happened when people did not pay attention, and afterwards the difference of when we did.

The Humanication day essentially was about ... I mean, the name itself sounds like a unification of the words human and unification. The exercise of creating the international sign language could transcend national borders. We discussed not just what politeness and respect were for us, but for other countries, genders and cultures. To see the differences and similarities. Both of these aspects seemed to have a lot to do with humanication. The party, to top it off, had a lot of people from different nationalities having fun and dancing together, which was a quite nice way of tying together all these aspects of humanication.

Inspired by all that we, as the entire gathering, created and presented today, a Letter of Appreciation towards Humankind was written by PH and Charlotte. A raw and beautiful letter that surpasses race and other social boundaries, just as the Humanication day aimed to demonstrate. PH presented the draft of the letter (which can be found below) to the Trying Team that evening - I wish I could transcend through this writing the charisma, love and importance that PH carried when reading it to us. It was magical. Please receive the letter as a gift, an appreciation from us to you, and an incredibly powerful way to give you the strong essence of what we have been working on today.


7th of August 2018

Dear humankind,

This is a very special letter, composed by varying nationalities, ages, backgrounds and from both genders.

We would like to declare our appreciations for the gift and gifting of life as we experience it.

First of all, there is the magnificence of core features that we understandably sometimes take for granted: eye sight, the heart that never stops beating, the mind that never stops questioning, exploring, creating and doing.

Then, let us consider the fact that we can adapt, change, make decisions, try again and again and again. The fact that we can develop the gifts that we have, such as the seven senses, that we can think out of the box, learn from our mistakes, accept differences and appreciate diversity, have dreams and contemplate.

Let us not forget the marvellous aspects that humankind can share together: friendship, familyship, trust, cooperation, love and support, giving and forgiving, taking care of each other, and the never ending wonderful challenge of understanding one another for the betterment and quality of life and evolution.

Indeed, where would we be without humour, without the ability to communicate, to listen, to appreciate music, nature, life itself, imagination, creativity?

Have not all of us experienced the magic and the melting that happens in the presence of a new baby, have we not all fallen in love, felt emotions?

We declare and champion free choice, the possibility of saying "no", the potential of development.

Then there are the everyday things of sleep, breathing, smiling, but also crying, ups and downs, experience, wisdom, optimism, joyfulness, honesty.

The theatre of life directed by mystery and hope is central to our message and transmission to you, the unknown is beauty to our mind and we embrace the challenges with bravery and strength which are in our toolkit of qualities that we can access at any stage of our life. We are grateful and thankful in our endeavours in playing our part in progress of humankind.

From all of us,

when all is one and one is all,

when simplicity is paramount and attitude predominates with trust,

belief and hope.


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