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Y-TOP Joining the Global Mission

While going through a tough year, it is valuable to remind ourselves that:

We still live in a world full of many and distinct lives - including the life of the earth itself. 


As the Y-TOP community, especially at this time, we pursue sustainable life for every age, every living being and sustainability for the planet.


However, we know that this only comes along with a lot of care and effort - which includes our personal contribution

We were so much inspired by the global action as launched by the United Nations (UN) - that is the Sustainable Development Goals -  we came up with a framework which allows the personal contribution of one on a daily basis. 

Please visit the embedded links above to collect more information about the UN's call for action.

Personal Goals for 2021

Hello again!

If you are looking for a fresh start for the 2021, you are on the right page.

Here is a framework that will help you to practice on your daily habits for a sustainable personality and an equivalent environment.


We encourage you to start practising as soon as you can!   

Main Goal:

  • To broaden your understanding of how your actions can affect others and the environment.

  • To breed positive habits for environmental and societal care. 

  • To include you in a global challenge.


We suggest sparing 5-10 minutes per each goal. 

Instructions (Sample): 

1st Step: Pick 2 days in a week 


2nd Step: Pick 2 goals and practice on at least 1 activity per each.

3rd Step: Apply this for a month and start your next month picking the last goal and the activities that you haven't tried the month before.

  • You are free to find and choose your own method to practice the activities.

  • Stay tuned! We will be having online meetings every once in a while -we would love hearing your progress too.  

  • Do not forget to give us your feedback at the end of this page.

  • Click on the images of each goal to learn about their facts as reported by the UN.

Here we go!

  • Donate some of our clothes to the nearest community center.

  •  Walk around in the streets and appreciate how much comfort you have in your life - whilst thinking about those who have it less or none. 

  • Do you stick to a budget when you are shopping (groceries/clothes etc)? - what are your priorities on your budget? 

  • What does a nourishing food mean to you? - What do you do with the energy you receive from the food?

  • Do you grow any edibles for yourself/ for your friends/family?

  • Do you often throw away your food? - because you had too much on your plate/ it got expired/ overcooked and so on.

  • Learn something new.​

  • What do you do when you are low in energy?

  • Make a list of things that make you feel healthy (i.e. taking a shower, sleeping well and so on)

  •  What things in life are you curious about? Make a list of them and start your research/study.

  • Do you think you had a quality education so far? 

  • Make a list of things that make you feel healthy (i.e. taking a shower, sleeping well and so on).

  • Ask others about their struggles in life due to their gender

  • What does a family mean to you?

  • Do you leave the tap open when you brush your teeth?

  • Try bucket-shower for 5 days.

  • Do you leave your computer in the socket when you don't use it?

  • Try using solar bulbs for at least one of your lamps.

  • Are you employed in a job that suits you mentally/ physically/ emotionally?

  • Do you see an urge for new types of jobs/professions? (for the young adults and for a sustainable future). If so, in which areas?

  • Can you keep a track of your personal finance? 

  • Are you inspired by technology? If your answer is yes, what kind?

  • In which domain of industry would you be innovative at? How would you promote your innovative approach?

  • Does the technology interfere with natural human communication? 

  •  Do you think the public spaces that you mostly interact are suitable for people with disabilities? 

  • In your observation, which social domains (i. e. public vs. private schools) lack equalities for human life?

  • What can you do in your social circle (ie. at your school, job, neighbourhood etc.) to promote equality?

  •  Collect some garbage in your street.

  • Adopt at least two plants in your house and take good care of them.

  • Propagate your plants and give them as a gift to your friends. 

  •  Do you recycle? Can you estimate how much you recycle in a week?

  • Do you use reusable shopping/grocery bags instead of plastic bags?

  •  Have you tried upcycling? 

  • What does climate change mean to you?

  • Can you set up a campaign to promote climate action (could be in your neighbourhood/country - or international!)?

  •  If you live close to a river/ocean/sea/stream... can you spare 10 minutes a day/ or a week to keep them clean?

  • Watch a documentary about aquatic life. 

  • What kind of questions do you have in mind to keep the oceans/seas clean?

  • Plant your own edibles.

  • How can you contribute to the reduction of deforestation?

  • Are you conscious about your footprints (i.e. what kind of products you consume, do you mostly walk/cycle/... or drive/take a transport to a close destination) on the land? 

  • When do you say "no"?

  • Do you have a story that involves stopping violence?

  • What is your medium to stop the violence?

  • How can Y-TOP be resourceful in this time? - and for this regard - What would you like to do/initiate in Y-TOP?

  • Collaborate with your friends to achieve your sustainable goals.

  • How can you help the roots of Y-TOP to grow a wider network for good causes? 

  • Invite your friends to Y-TOP!

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