Y-TOP is an international living process of endless-hologram-dimensions that intertwine human values and developments with unlimited encouragements.

It journeys from human race to human kind to human being.

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White Principle & aims

Green principle & aims

Yellow principle & aims

Blue principle & aims

Red principle & aims

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 We have had

10 summer gatherings

& 4 training gatherings

in locations

all over the world.

It has been in countries like Israel, Italy, Wales/England, Denmark, Germany and Holland

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Y-top introduction


The Young Template of Peace Y-TOP is a non- political and non-religiously affiliated international youth association, functioning as an umbrella and providing core fundamentals for international youth movements sharing the same motives, aims and governing principles.

In the past 17 years it has been forming up around the world in many countries - Israel, Italy, Denmark, Germany, England, Holland, the U.S.A., Turkey, China, Lebanon, Wales, Sweden, Australia, Cyprus, Greenland France, Spain, Czech repuplic, Belgium and Ecuador

And we contiue to grow...



Y-top 2019 in Italy


In the summer of 2019, we descended upon the mountains of Italy


Y-top moments


A picture is worth a thousand...