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Training Gatherings

These are gatherings of the Trying Team happening few times a year. The initial proposal for the topic comes from the needs and projections and then opens up in a new and alive vibration while we are together. We all come as representatives of the Y-TOP DNA which connects to and embodies the organic intelligence of a tree.

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Melodies That Matter

Melodies that Matter is a series of international music concerts and artistic events that arose from the overspill of inspiration, connection and the collaboration with natural life and friendship in a womb of clean and decent human standards.

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Open Mind Passions

These sessions are an opportunity to share your knowledge, research and talent with the world, in a safe environment.An OMP is a one hour meeting that you can attend during the Y-Top summer gathering and throughout the year via zoom calls.They are generated by an individual or a group who want to share their passions and interests.

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Summer Gatherings

The Y-TOP Summer Gatherings unite people worldwide for 12 days, fostering personal growth through diverse activities each year in a different country. Rooted in respect and shared principles, participants, aged 15 and above, enjoy enriching experiences, gaining leadership skills, and forming connections for a better world.

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Great change starts from simple thingsā€¦

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